Thoughts on Easter

19 03 2008

In only a handful of days the Easter event will be upon us. Easter is the centerpiece of the Christian faith. Interestingly enough, when Paul wrote to what was possibly the most jacked-up church in all of history (the Corinthian church), he said that the cross of Christ was of first importance. That in the death of Christ we have a Savior who died for our sins.

Why is this of first importance…?

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Pastor Dave is Blogging Again

5 03 2008

You can check out Pastor Dave’s blog. It has been updated and he’s looking for comments and feedback.

Sermon Series Feedback

23 01 2008
Pastor Dave here,I hope you have been enjoying the new sermon serie as much as I have. I realize some of the stuff is a bit heavy but I hope it is meeting a point of need. As far as the series goes, please feel free to offer feedback so I can tackle any questions you may have the following week. As for upcoming sermons – you can see the list on the current sermon series page and if you have any questions you would like tackled in the future, it gives me assistance in knowing what I need to prepare.

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God bless.

Pastor Dave

Urgent: Re. English Teachers VISA Requirements

1 01 2008

this is for US citizens in the bucheon area…



The Korean Ministry of Justice announced that as of December 15, 2007, foreigners will have to submit medical and criminal background checks when applying for a visa to become a foreign language teacher in South Korea.  The U.S. Embassy cannot provide a background check or fingerprinting service, and we cannot notarize, certify, or verify the authenticity of background checks or diplomas.

As we understand the new requirements, E-2 visa applicants who are U.S. citizens can obtain the necessary criminal background check either by submitting their fingerprints to the FBI or by applying for a local police check where they last resided in the U.S.  Procedures for obtaining criminal background checks in the U.S. are explained on our website at  Local police stations in the Republic of Korea are able to take fingerprints that can be sent to the FBI for a background check.  U.S. Embassies are, unfortunately, prohibited from taking fingerprints for these purposes.

Regrettably, the Korea Immigration Service (KIS) has placed incorrect information on its website concerning services U.S. embassies can and cannot perform.  As of this writing the “New Release: Mandatory Requirements of Criminal Background Check and Health Certificate” on the KIS website contains incorrect information about the length of time it can take to get a criminal records check in the U.S. and also states erroneously that the U.S. Embassy can notarize or certify background checks.  We have asked that the incorrect information be removed from the KIS website and we regret any inconvenience or misunderstanding that has resulted from their explanation of our services.

As we receive updated information on the Korean visa requirements, we will post it on our website.  The U.S. Embassy website will also continue to be the best source of information about the services that we are able to provide under U.S. law and regulation.  If you have further questions, we suggest that you contact the office responsible for the new requirements, the Korea Immigration Service, Border Control Division, at 500-9116, 500-9117, or 500-9118, or consult their website at or the Ministry of Justice website (in Korean only) at

taken from this month’s newsletter from the US Embassy. Thanks to Sarah Wright for forwarding it on.

Mutual transformation

21 12 2007

Dumping Ground

“In a place where even people are considered refuse, no one would listen to the educated, accomplished pastor. Until he became one of them.”

Click on the link and read the whole story. It’s amazing! 

Living the Scriptures Literally!

25 10 2007

this is a remarkable article about a man who lived the Bible literally for one year. read an interview here… comments welcome.

A Living Sacrifice

15 10 2007

by Sarah Wright

Dave mentioned at one of the Sunday morning meetings Paul’s words about giving our bodies as a living sacrifice and worshiping wholly, and then it came up in our women’s Bible study last week. I’m sorry, but I can’t remember the exact verses. I think it is in
Romans, though. Anyways, these words came into my head:

“Wholly Yours – A Living Sacrifice”

I give You my eyes
that I might see Your beauty.
I give you my arms
that they might rise to praise You.
I give You my legs
that they might stand before You.
I give You my heart
that it might be made joyful.

I give You my ears
that they might hear Your words.
I give you my shoulders
that they might bow before You.
I give You my feet
that they might go where You lead.
I give You my spirit
that it might be made humble.

I give You my hands
that they might show Your mercy.
I give you my back
that it might support another.
I give You my tongue
that it might be a tree of life.
I give You my self
that I might be wholly Yours.