Yellow Dust: Back with a Vengence

17 03 2008

With the arrival of spring comes the arrival of the dreaded yellow dust season. Here are some tips to help ward of the sickness that is almost inevitable at this time of year.

  • Visit for regular yellow dust readings from Seoul and other areas.
  • Wear a mask. For me, this was highly embarrassing at first, but it sure beats having a sandpaper throat infection for a month or two. As a rule, if the reading from the above site is over 150, I wear a mask.
  • Keep your windows closed when sleeping. I went to bed with my window wide open one night only to have a dust storm arrive while I was fast asleep. I was sick for at least a month after that.
  • If you like exercise outside, be sure to check the weather first. Exercising on high dust days will do far more harm than good.

Hope this helps.




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