Foreign Food Markets

11 10 2007

by Pastor Dave

For those who don’t know, there are some places to get some of those home goodies you miss so much.

Hannam Market

  • Hannam Market is near Itaewon. to get there, you need to get yourself to Hangangjin station (brown line 6) and take exit 2.
  • As you walk outside you will come across a foobridge that will take you over the large southbound highway (across the road you should see a Harley-Davidson and a Volvo dealership). You need to go over the bridge and walk south down the hill.
  • After a minute or two you will stumble across the Hannam Market (It’s downstairs).

Namdaemun International Market

  • Namdaemun Market is in central Seoul. you need to get yourself to Hoehyeon Station (sky-blue line 4).
  • Take exit 5 and turn right into the market area.
  • About 100m down you should come across what looks like a downstairs mall on the right (There is a small arc entrance that will take you down stairs.).
  • This is the place. Here you can get all kinds of imported goodies.

Good luck.




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